A Few Fine Selections From Our Catalog.

(these are all quite old, so it's questionable if any will run a modern OS. Check out my Github page -- https://github.com/jamescurran/HonestIllusion for more recent code.)

  • MisterMind - So, you've played the Java version. Now try the real version. Ok, in case you haven't played the Java version, this is a logic puzzle similar to the board game MasterMind (Try to guess a pattern of colors, with the computer giving clues). This one let's you vary the number of colors and the number of pegs, let's you take back a selection, let's you take more that 10 guesses, and even save games. (16-Bit Windows, runs with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, 19K zip )
  • Lucas's Problem - I've got a VBScript version of this planned for this site coming soon, but you can beat the rush by downloading the full version now. A logic puzzle based on a problem designed by French mathematician Edouard Lucas. The object is to reverse a pattern of colored markers, given a few restrictions. With Sound Effects! (16-Bit Windows, runs with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, 44K zip )
  • Audible Typewriter - Typewriter produces realistic key clicks whenever a key a pressed in any other Windows program. Requires a sound card. 32-Bit version, available for Windows 95 only (17K zip) (I still have the Windows 3.0 version, which I could email you if you'd like, but I can no longer find a copy of the Windows 3.1 version, and, of course, each is very OS version dependant)
  • FontPicker - A very simple programmer's tool, to generate the code needed to define a font in a Windows program, saving the programmer from having to know the details such font family or pitch clip precision (32-bit Windows, available for Windows 95 and Windows NT only, 75K)
  • Galloping Horse - A continuously galloping horse in a small window. Perfect for amusing background desktop feature and Yin-Yang - A drawing of a Yin-Yang / floppy disk symbol with a koan with "The Zen of Programming" by Geoffrey James. (16-Bit Windows, runs with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, 11K zip )
  • WavConv - A DOS program to convert sound clip files to different formats. Works with Windows .WAVs, Covox VFMs, Wired For Sounds SNDs. and SoundBlaster VOCs. (15K zip). I've also converted this into a Windows DLL file, which may be licensed for embedding into application. Contact me for details.

All are written by James M. Curran. All are Shareware with no fixed registration price

Copyright © 1998-2011 James M. Curran .
All rights reserved.