The Killer C++ Date Class v5.0

The "Killer" Date class is the work of about 8 people, who've never met. It started as a simple C++ class to represent calendar dates, and has grown to what is probably the most baroque example of the form. It handles all dates from 2713BC to the distant future.



  • Works with Microsoft, Borland and others C++ compilers "out of the box"
  • Should work with any C++ based on ANSI C. (even those which aren't up to the ISO C++ draft standard.
  • Authors actively seek complete platform independence.


  • Format days as "January 1, 1997" or "1 January 1997" or "1-Jan-97" or "19970101" or others
  • Translates ASCII strings in any of the above forms.
  • ++, --, AddWeek, AddMonth, AddYear, construct dates any number of different ways, including such as "The last Tuesday on October of 1962".
  • Every date related function you'll ever need.


  • Completely free!
  • May be used and distributed freely.
  • (may not be sold)

Download Here

  • - Contains the date.cpp & datecl.h, plus project files for Borland (datecl.prj) and Microsoft (datecl.mak) compilers, with release notes & class reference as ASCII text files. (55K, zipped file)
  • - Contains release notes and class reference as formatted Word for Windows files, plus code samples (42K, zipped file)
  • All comments & questions should be send to me.
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