This is the Game of MrMind, which is remarkably similar to the board game MasterMind™

Many years ago, I wrote the first version of this as my first SmallTalk program.

Later, I wrote a different version as my first Windows application (for Windows 2.0, c1989).

And, now, of course, when I was learning to program Java, there could one be one choice for what my first full program would be.

I updated the Windows version through Windows 3.1. One day I'll write a Silverlight or WIndows 8 version.

(Hey! I told you going into this, you would need Java (tm) support)
To Play:

The computer has picked a "code"-a pattern of four colors from the six shown at the bottom of the game board (a color may be repeated in the pattern).

Your goal is to guess the code, given a little bit of help from the computer. To make a guess, click it out on the colored squares.

After you've chosen a pattern, the computer will tell you how close you are, by saying how many dots are the correct color in the correct spot, indicated by a black dot on the right, and how many are the correct color, but in the wrong spot, indicated by a white dot on the right.

Four black dots means you guessed the pattern correctly, and you win!

You get ten chances.

To play again, click the "reload" button on your browser.

Copyright © 1997 James M. Curran.
All rights reserved.
Revised: 4-Apr-2014