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I'm an experienced developer with 30+ years of professional experience in front end, back end and middle tier design on all aspects of the Microsoft .NET stack for desktop and web applications, with special skills in writing and refactoring code for greater efficiency and maintainability.

Master of Science - Computer Science

Montclair State University
Bachelors of Science - Computer Science

Montclair State College



Writing a Compiler Using C#, Irony and RunSharp

NYC CodeCamp 9, 13 Sept 2014, Microsoft, 11 Times Square, NYC

Castle Monorail MVP Framework (One Hour Deep-Dive version)

NYC ALT.Net Developers Group, 26 Mar 2010, Microsoft, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, NYC

MVC, web design

.NET Generics without Collections

NJ CodeCamp 3, 18 Nov 2006, Microsoft, 194 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ 08830
C#, VisualBasic.NET

Castle Monorail MVP Framework (10 Min overview version )

NYC .Net Developers Group, 17 July 2008, Microsoft, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, NYC

MVC, web design

Open-Source Projects
As Creator
  • Full github profile: 35+ repositories: https://github.com/jamescurran
  • JavascriptLoader - https://github.com/jamescurran/JavascriptHelper
    • JavascriptHelper is a ASP.NET MVC component which allows you to specify that a Javascript file is needed, wherever you need it (view, partial views, layouts, helpers etc.) and the helper will collection them all up, plus all their dependencies – in the right order-- and insert all the <script> tags in one spot --- and at the same time, do the same thing for the CSS files those JS scripts need.
  • Snitz Membership Provider - https://github.com/jamescurran/SnitzMembershipProvider
    • ASP.NET 2.0 Membership and Role Providers which use a Snitz Forums (http://www.snitz.com/) database as the backing store. This allows a website currently using Snitz forums, to leverage the existing membership database when added new features to the website.
  • State Theater Website - http://statetheater.codeplex.com/
    • Building a website designed to provide information about live theater throughout a state. Basically, it a port of NJTheater.com from classic ASP to Asp.Net MVC making it customizable to any state along the way.
  • Uptime - https://github.com/jamescurran/UpTime/
    • A simple application C++/MFC which sits in the Taskbar notification area, and tells how many days since the last restart.
  • Shakespeare Compiler- https://github.com/jamescurran/ShakespeareCompiler
    • Several Compilers (producing C code, C# code, and MSIL) for the exotic (and silly) Shakespeare Programming Language

Open-Source Projects
As Contributor

  • Using a Second Model object in an ASP.NET MVC View HonestIllusion.com Nov 2013, http://honestillusion.com/2013/11/11/Using-a-second-model-object-in-an-aspnet-mvc-view
    Spotlighted on the home page of www.ASP.NET in January and February 2014
  • "Writing Text to a Printer with LPrintWriter" CodeProject.com June 2006 http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/LPrintWriter.asp
  • "Locate SQL Server instances on the local network", CodeProject.com Nov 2005 http://www.codeproject.com/cs/database/locate_sql_servers.asp
  • Access Raw Data with Performance Counters in Visual C++” DevX.com, C++ Zone feature for Aug 2002 http://www.devx.com/cplus/article/7951
  • "Implement A Circular Iterator", Visual C++ Developers Journal, June 2000, pg. 64
  • "A Class For Reading Version Information" Windows Developers' Journal, July 1999
  • "A Word Iterator" The C/C++ User's Journal, Aug 1998, Pg 82. This was cited as the primary source for the article "A Generic Iterator for Strings" by David Lorde, in The C/C++ User's Journal, Apr 1999, pg 65.
  • "A Dialog Units Conversion Class" Windows Developers' Journal, Feb 1998, pg. 51 (It was featured on the cover)
  • Several technical articles in the "Clipper Club Newsletter" (also Technical Editor)
  • "Variable Dump" CLOAD, January 1982
  • "Simplified Base Conversion" BYTE, November 1980

The Rest


Microsoft MVP (VisualC++)

Presented by Microsoft with their Most Valuable Professional award for technical contributions on their Internet newsgroup support forums, predominantly for giving expert answers to questions on C and C++ programming techniques. There are only about 150 Developer MVPs total in the world-wide program and only about 13 for C and C++. I have been recognized with the award every year 1994-2004.







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