{old} Technical Articles

Here's a collection of articles on various computer, programming and other related topics that I've written over the years.  Some were written for publication in major technical journals. Others, for the internal newsletters of the companies for which I've worked.  The rest were written for the Internet, either here, or on newsgroups.  They are listed roughly in order of increasing technical content.  (i.e. Easiest to read first...)

My more recent writings are on my blog : Honest Illusion


  • [MSKCC] - Originally published in "I/S Notes" - The newsletter of Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center's Information Systems Department.
  • [DRTE] - Originally published in "FYI" - The newsletter of Dendrite International's world-wide programming staff.
  • [WDJ] - Windows Developer's Journal   A Miller-Freeman, Inc. publication.
  • [CUJ] - The C/C++ Users Journal  A Miller-Freeman, Inc. publication.
  • [WEB] - Originally appearing somewhere on the Internet: Either a newsgroup, CompuServe forum, or a similar venue.
  • [NT] - Written expressly for this Web Site.
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