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The HomePage of James Curran, Gentleman Programmer.

Also homepage of James Curran, Licensed Massage Therapist,

and James Curran,Photographer

Techie Stuff:

Fun Stuff:


  • Try your hand solving “Lucas's Problem” (a logic puzzle)
  • Some Clocks
  • Twang - Third version of the harmonics motion demo. Perhaps you can run this one.
  • And, of course, the twirly thing on this page is HTML5.

HTML (just Html!)


(May not work in your browser)


(May not work in your browser)
  • Play MrMind code breaking game
  • Twang (A demonstration of harmonic motion) (the original version!)

I also run NJTheater.Com, a website dedicated to telling you what's playing on stage in New Jersey.

The Obligatory Links Page

UPDATE: (13-Mar -2017): I’ve fixed the twirly thing on the top of the page.  Originally (circa 1998) it only worked with the then current version of IE (v4, I think), but it stopped working when Microsoft discontinued that ActiveX control. I later (circa 2008) switched it to VML which allowed it to work on versions of IE through at least v9, but not on FireFox or Chrome. That lasted about 3 years (2011) till it stopped working, and then I thought about converting it to SVG, but decided instead to go SilverLight -- and sure enough, a few years later, Micrsoft dropped that. So, now I’ve converted it to use a HTML5 canvas. Hope you like it!.

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